It all started with finding a better way to prep for colonoscopies...

Dr. Jeff Scott has watched too many people needlessly fight colorectal cancers that could have been prevented by recommended screenings and removal of pre-cancerous polyps. They are often the same people who avoided a colonoscopy solely because of the prep. So, Dr. Scott decided it was time…


it was time to:

Improve the colonoscopy prep experience (or Create a patient-centric prep experience)

Eliminate the horrible side effects

Make it easy to use and complete, and ultimately...

Improve colonoscopy screening rates thus saving lives





 A one-day low-residue food kit coupled with tasteless laxatives taken on a unique dosing schedule. This unique method avoids many of the unwanted side effects and generally allows patients to carry on with a normal day.

Studies show a low-residue food diet can yield an equal quality prep result – so why not eat while you get ready for your procedure?*

Since the development of Happy Colon Foods, Dr. Scott has focused on developing prebiotics for specific gastrointestinal conditions. Keep an eye on this site for more exciting products to come!


*Non-prescription PEG 3350 and senna are “off label”, meaning intended for occasional constipation and not as colonoscopy prep agents. They have not been evaluated by the FDA for this purpose and must therefore be prescribed by your physician if bundled with the food kit and used as a colonoscopy prep agent.  You may also use Happy Colon food-only kit in conjunction with your physician’s prescribed prep medication(s).